Mohammed CHARKI – Sanofi

Mohammed Charki has an Emergency Care MD background. He has practiced in various settings comprising private and public sectors with a particular focus on transversal project management, which led him to work in the field of coordinated healthcare circuits.

Following a first sales experience in the Pharma industry, Mohammed has decided to integrate ESCP Europe where he obtained the degree of Specialized Master in Medical Management acquiring skills in Marketing, Business Development and Finance. In parallel, he has enriched his experience by chairing the Caduceus of Medical Communication, a French association focused on the pharmaceutical industry, and he has also co-founded a start-up in the field of Innovative Communication.

Finally Mohammed Charki has joined Sanofi as a project manager on a telemonitoring and decision support program in Diabetes and then as cardiovascular Portfolio Medical Manager for Europe and Canada with a focus on patients’ centred services based on new technologies. His passion for innovation has led him to join Sanofi R&D as Partnerships Director since he’s always been convinced that healthcare industries needed to establish strategic alliances and partnerships with industries from different horizons (Bioconvergence) to answer patients and growing populations needs; therefore he’s been a strong advocate of Open Innovation within the group and beyond in the life science industry.